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For years now, wine has been my preferred drink. There is something about sharing a glass of wine with friends that enhances any experience.


I began a professional interest when the wine expert at my neighborhood market left to work for a distributor, and suggested that I take his place. While I was only able to do this part-time (evenings & weekends), my knowledge of wine, and of wine-lovers, grew immensely. After a while, the store manager was so impressed with my knowledge and customer service, he offered me a full-time position. However, I already had a job. …during the IT bubble.


…which leads us to…


My California Wine Country experience came as a result of being sent to the Bay Area for IT training nearly 15 years ago. Since I was already a wine lover, I spent my free time exploring Wine Country. Subsequent training visits allowed me to expand my knowledge; grow my relationships; learn to avoid pit-falls; and ultimately minimize wasted time and effort while maximizing the experience.


My familiarity with Wine Country made me the “go-to” person to plan trips for friends and family. These requests for hints, tips and tricks became more frequent, and I was more than happy to help others avoid my “rookie” mistakes.


I came to the conclusion that I could help others - not just friends and family - have a superior, more enjoyable experience. I considered starting a blog, but determined that wine is so much more enjoyable when shared in person. …and what better way to share, than by sharing my experience and expertise with others.  Napa Pat Tours grew directly as a result (…and so did the name: NaPATours evolved to Napa Pat Tours), and here we are!


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